Fluffy square pillows


Fluffy square pillows (18″ by 18″), with our unique blend filling that guarantees they remain fluffy-looking and soft for years to come. A complimentary item for POZITIVE bean bag furniture, or something to take home with you to hold on to the POZITIVE atmosphere they inspire.

  • Baby Blue
  • Baby Blue & White Stripes
  • Black & White stripes
  • Dark Gray
  • Gray
  • Gray & White stripes
  • Green Apple
  • White

Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 18 × 18 in

Baby Blue, Baby Blue & White Stripes, Black & White stripes, Dark Gray, Gray, Gray & White stripes, Green Apple, White

Cleaning Instructions

The cover of the pillow is not removable.
You can clean it with wet wipes or with a moist cloth, water and soap.

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