Pozitive Thinking

Where interior design and fashion design meet, on the seam where elegant and nonchalant mesh, in that moment where comfort turns into relaxation and a feeling of belonging, that’s exactly where you’ll find Pozitive. The place where we feel most “at home” (and the place we don’t want to move from, unless we really really have to).

Pozitive offers a contemporary interpretation for the beanbag.
One that encompasses the puffy fluffy softness that is so nice to sink into, with freestyle geometric motifs and minimalist chic, turning it into a decorative piece of furniture that harmoniously blends with the interior or exterior design of your home.

The modern Scandinavian style of our beanbag furniture is defined by clean design and a beautiful balance between functionalism and aesthetics. That’s how we turned the red zipper on the upholstery, meant for removal for laundry, into an iconic element and one of the brand’s trademarks. That’s how the fortified stitch turned into an integral part of our unique look. Out of practical thinking, we created a designed carrying handle, which has turned into a design element. That’s what happens when you think Pozitive and find the beauty in every detail.

Our beanbag furniture can blend with the atmosphere of any home, and in any space, inside or out: in the living room, family room, kids rooms, the bedroom and on the patio or in the garden.

Sewn with maximum precision from soft pampering materials, they’re durable to withstand frequent use and cleaning: 100% cotton fabric for interior furniture, and climate-proof 100% polyester for outdoor furniture.
The cushions change color with the seasons, and their filling is made from a unique blend guaranteed to look inviting and stay poofy over the years for countless hours of chillaxing.

Pozitive furniture can be complimented with an assortment of textiles and décor such as carpets, blankets, covers, coffee tables, candles, plants, hammocks and pillows.

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